For a monthly subscription fee, users can experience live theatre from the comfort of their own VR-installed home. Behold LIVR.

The world’s first on-demand virtual reality content platform for theatre and the performing arts, has arrived. LIVR offers consumers a fully immersive 360° virtual reality experience that transports them into the audience at great live performances to enjoy as though they were there.

And all that’s needed to get started is a mobile phone and an interest in theatre.

For a monthly subscription, LIVR users get access to an ever-growing library of stunning high-quality VR content to stream on demand from the comfort of home, as well as a smartphone VR headset absolutely free.

To date, LIVR has captured over 100 productions (and counting!) and will be releasing eight exclusive new shows to the platform each month. From brave new works by emerging artists to critically acclaimed productions across multiple genres and formats, there is something for all tastes.

The launch lineup features award-winning shows, Edinburgh Festival smash hits, unique takes on classics, laugh-out-loud comedies and thumping gig-theatre pieces, among many more. Examples include an Off West End Award winner Out Of The Forest Theatre‘s Bury The Hatchet, the LET Award 2018 winner Wildcard Theatre‘s Electrolyte and VAULT Festival 2019 Pleasance Award winner The Thelmas Ladykiller.

With the goal of making the theatre experience more accessible to all, LIVR offers theatremakers a legacy home for their work with the opportunity to reach new audiences long after the run finishes, while offering theatre fans the chance to catch some of the gems they may have otherwise missed.

Customers can sign up and subscribe now, then download the LIVR app for iOS and Android devices via the AppStore and Google Play Store.