Miro Introducing gives new creatives the chance to introduce themselves onto the cultural scene. This guest post is by Will Adolphy, who with company Flux Theatre bring their first full-length production CHUTNEY to The Bunker Theatre:

I founded Flux Theatre in September 2015. I’d just left The University of Central Lancashire after doing a BA in Acting and I’d made the big move to London. Having trained up north, I didn’t have a network of friends who were actors in London so the first year out of UCLan was very lonely. I was living in a room smaller than a Homebase garden shed and binge-watching Wimbledon Tennis documentaries (I’m not even a tennis fan). Additionally, I knew it’d be even harder for me to make progress having trained at a University, not a prestigious drama school.

Dinosuar Dreams

So, I decided to start making my own work. It would give me agency, keep me busy and hopefully I’d make a few mates in the process. Using a ridiculously, ambitious script, I’d been working on in my final year at UCLan, I posted a call out on Casting Call Pro (now Mandy). The call out was for actors who wanted to be cast in the show and be the founding members of a new company. Over 200 people applied. I was shocked. But it made sense that there was an abundance of actors eager to do anything moderately creative to keep their soul-destroying call centre jobs at bay.

Our first project was Dinosaur Dreams at The Etcetera Theatre. This got the juices flowing and motivated us to think long term. How can we meet more creatives, expand our network and have a darn good time in the process?

Boom. EMERGE was born – our new writing night, which started at the Tristan Bates and now has its home at The Bunker Theatre. This allowed us to give opportunities, which in return got the Flux brand out there.

Will Adolphy & Georgie Staight

This is when the brilliant Georgie Staight joined – since then we’ve developed work with The Park Theatre (Roosting), Arcola Theatre (White Light), had a run at the Finborough Theatre (Dubailand) and are now approaching our first full-length run at The Bunker Theatre (CHUTNEY).


We discovered Reece Connolly during our first EMERGE and after reading over 1,000 scripts, the one play that had us quivering with excitement was the mind boggling, cut-throat, ferociously funny CHUTNEY. The play is a fast-paced two-hander that has everything: blood, guts, humour, heart and a darkness that makes Philip Ridley look like a children’s author. We had to put it on.

Elevator pitch: It’s about a well-to-do couple who love John Lewis and catching up with Bake Off on Sunday, and have an insatiable desire to murder their neighbours pets.

You can see why we were a little intrigued…

And this is where The Bunker Theatre and David Ralf enter the picture. Having supported EMERGE, David felt he could put his trust in us, especially if this was the play we’d dug up after years of submissions. So now, after years (three to be exact) of grinding away, we arrive at Flux’s first full-length show.

CHUTNEY Flux Theatre Bunker

Isabel Della-Porta & Will Adolphy in CHUTNEY (image courtesy of Paul Mason)

But, what does the future hold? Who the bloody hell knows. All I can say is that we are looking to keep developing as a company, connecting with new writers and offering more opportunities so that we are consistently engaging with audiences. This makes us happy and feels worthwhile.

But of course, the real dream that trumps everything is to own an office. With comfy chairs. And a cactus. We are freelancers after all.

CHUTNEY runs at The Bunker Theatre from 6 November – 1 December 2018. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the venue website.