Miro Introducing gives new creatives the chance to introduce themselves onto the fringe theatre scene. This first guest post is by Gutter Street, who support new writing and emerging artists:

Hello and welcome to Gutter Street!

Here you will find a place for artists and creatives to come, spend some time and tell a story.

The stories we tell here all take place on Gutter Street – whether that’s a rockstar dying alone in a high rise block of flats, or two writers in a pub at the end of the world.

These tales all share a continuity, a feeling they all come from Gutter Street.

The road is long and vast, so there are plenty of places for stories to be told.

There’s a beach down the way and at the very top an old hotel, but the road goes on even further than that. We’re not quite sure how far, but if you’re willing to walk it, the street will show you a setting and in that setting, a story will be told.

Nowhere Orange cast

The residents of Gutter Street have all played their part at some point in the telling of these stories – they came to the street and helped a tale come to life. They received a key and a place to stay on Gutter Street. They became part of our community.

Anyone can be a resident, just come down and find a story to share. On Gutter Street there are plenty of chances to create. We’re always looking for new residents – whether you’re a poet, musician, dancer, actor, writer, singer, artist, designer or ventriloquist, there’s a place for you here. One of our local pubs regularly invites people down to spend an evening on the street and a stage to perform something new, created by you, on Gutter Street.

We also have plenty of non-residents, regulars, who visit every now and then. They come to watch and listen to the stories being told. They spend an evening and then move on, always knowing there’s a place to stay if they need a night on Gutter Street.

Now you know who we are, let’s introduce you to a few of our residents. These three spend their time at the end of the road, at the end of the world.

In the lonely Red Road Tavern sits Berniston and Renford. Two writers, driving themselves mad with paranoia of what might be lurking outside the doors to the pub at the end of existence. They surround themselves with paper and plans of revolution. But they seem to have a problem… they can’t find their pen.

Somewhere outside on the long road is Sam, a young girl travelling alone, searching for a paradise she imagined may save her. In her bag she carries a torch, a few clothes and a note book full of her own stories, and maybe somewhere at the bottom, a pen. In the distance she thinks she sees a pub, hazy in the heat and dust. A sanctuary for the lost and lonely.

Perhaps she will stop by…

This is the setting to the story Nowhere Orange. Our tale will be told twice on Gutter Street – once on the 19th and again on the 20th of September.

Gutter Street isn’t a fixed location – it’s wherever the stories are, and this tale will be told at Theatre N16. If you want to become a regular, or even visit to see if perhaps you’d like to become a resident, come down to Gutter Street and watch the story of Berniston, Renford and Sam.

Take a stroll with us down Gutter Street, you never know what you might find…


Nowhere Orange runs at Theatre N16 from 19 – 20 September 2018. For more information and tickets, visit the website here.