The RADA Festival 2018 runs from 27 June to 7 July, inviting graduates to present their work. We catch up with producer and actor Jill Rutland, bringing Thrown to the festival this year:

Now in its 7th year, the RADA Festival 2018 celebrates the work of its past graduates with a ten-day programme of theatre, installations and discussions. That’s ten days that centre around the school and its network of contacts, ten days of individuals who have learnt their craft in those hallowed halls, who return to take creative risks, extend their work into new territories and experiment with telling stories in unexpected ways.

Here at Miro Magazine, we are always on the lookout for the next generation of theatremaker, so where better to look than at a set of graduate artists? Throughout the festival, we will be profiling some of the companies and people bringing along their work, seeking feedback and hoping to expand their own networks through the common link of their alma mater.

RADA Festival 2018

Next up in our Spotlight feature is Thrown, which plays at RADA Festival from 29 – 30 June 2018. We caught up with producer and actor Jill Rutland:

Describe Thrown in three words.

‘Technological, philosophical reverie.’

Is this your first RADA Festival experience?

‘It is indeed. We have just come back from a three-week residency with Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, so it feels exciting/ daunting to be back in London to share the work we made up there. The RADA Festival is a great chance for us to continue to develop the show in the run up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and to get that discerning London audience feedback. The audience experience (binaural sound, wireless headphones) is something we understand more about every time we perform, so RADA have given us two more chances to learn.’

Who else are you most looking forward to seeing while at the RADA Festival?

‘Really looking forward to the installations that are happening throughout the festival. Am I Fact? Or Am I Fiction? looks like it’s exploring themes very similar to Thrown so it’s always exciting to see another artist’s perspective.’

Who or what are your inspirations?

‘Each other. Living Record Productions is founded on a director/performer relationship, and we both push each other and the work pretty hard. We met in 2006 and have been working together in some way ever since.  We founded LRP in 2015 and although we both go away to work on other projects, it’s when we get back together that we both feel most at home creatively.’

What are the future plans for Thrown ?

‘Well, first up we’re off to Edinburgh.  Thrown will be playing at Underbelly, Cowgate from 2-19 August. After that, we’ve started to have some interesting conversations that will hopefully lead us into a tour in Spring 2019. We’re also beginning to expand our outreach program – the true stories that weave in and out of Thrown were collected through a series of creative workshops with Age UK community groups across the south-east.’

What is the best production that you saw in the last 12 months?

An Octoroon. There was a point in that show where I was thinking, “I know what’s about to happen can’t happen – it would never get through any theatre’s risk assessment – and yet it is about to happen. They might just be angry enough to do it.” To feel that sense of danger and anarchy was completely electric.’

Is there anything else you want to highlight about Thrown ?

‘Come for the binaural audio technology, stay for the beauty and brutality of the story that’s happening underneath it.

Thrown is a reverie on consciousness and mortality. Part fiction/ part collected testimony, Jodi Gray’s script looks to define how our childhood experiences shape the adults we become, and if we can ever break that cycle and start again.

‘Our link to RADA is our sound designer, Chris Drohan. We’ve worked with him a few times over the last few years but this has been our biggest collaboration. Our sound designer is our co-star.’



Writer: Jodi Gray

Direct0r: Ross Drury

Producer: Living Record Productions

Design: Chris Drohan (sound)

Cast: Jill Rutland

Thrown runs at the RADA Festival 2018 from 29 – 30 June 2018. For further information, please visit the venue website.