Ivy Paige typically wows audiences with a vintage yet timeless vocal and a sensual stage presence. But not in this case - Seduction is lacking. Daniel Perks reviews:

There are some things about Ivy Paige that are simply unquestionable. A sultry jazz voice? Without question. Self-confidence and a strong, uncompromising personality? Check. The ability to hold an audience in the palm of her hand? Absolutely.

Which is why Seduction is even more of a disappointment. The name should be Paige’s bread and butter, the ability to melt unsuspecting observers under her red-hot gaze and send them a-quiver with the heady, purple tones of her songs.

But in this show, Paige looks bored, possibly even unhappy. She puts roses under audience chairs, ready for them to throw at the opportune moment. The deep red isn’t enough to bring these fake petals to life. They land at her feet and she seems unimpressed rather than appreciative.

Her voice is as sharp as ever – a vintage tone that harks back to the days of Peggy Lee or Marlene Dietrich. Original compositions have pleasant, if not inspiring, lyrics and are sung with power and sensual promise. But what Paige delivers in vocals, she lacks in physical presence or personality.

Even the audience interaction seems rehearsed and uncomfortable. Paige wanders through the crowd looking for unsuspecting individuals whom she can teach her methods of seduction to – they come up on stage and fan her, carry her about, dance and cheer. Nothing is enough – it’s as if Paige has skipped out on seduction class that day. And given her past form, not to mention her performance on The Voice that melted Olly Murs into his red chair, this is a sad surprise.

Seduction should be a lesson that leaves its audience hot under the collar, withering under Paige’s teachings yet hungry to know more. Instead, they sample an unsatisfying dish, bland and tepid rather than intense or spicy. Paige simply doesn’t live up to her titular promise on this occasion.




Seduction runs at Assembly George Square Studios as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 until 26 August 2018. For further information, please visit the venue website.