Fresh off the back of their IYAF Best of Brighton Fringe Award, multimedia production company, Chewboy Productions, take their play, Euan, on the road. Sam Briggs reviews:

Euan is an absurdist comedy that takes audiences on a riotous journey through childhood insecurity, workplace pressure, and impromptu murder attempts.

As three boiler suit clad workers romp around the stage, audience members may find themselves wondering things like,

‘Why is that guy chewing a banana?’,

‘Is that the theme tune from Wii Sports?’

‘Who the f**k is this Euan fellow anyway?’

Euan’s three principle characters are in a pickle – between them they have managed to lose Euan and their boss isn’t going to be happy about it. Attempts to recover the eponymous character – thus saving their hides – are consistently derailed by their own ineptitude, as stories of woodlice and ideas for new novels get them sidetracked.

The performances of George Bailey, Hal Darling and George Craig are inspired, with the three together possessing an undeniable chemistry. The writing is quirky to say the least, offering one hell of a ride for those willing to let themselves be swept up in its wake. Viewers in the front few rows may well find themselves having sweet nothings whispered in their ear, being given a crash course in the use of late 90s Dictaphones, or having Craig’s sweat land unerringly close to their crotch.

Despite these oddities though, Euan is one hundred per cent a trip to the mad house worth taking.