The winners of the 2018 CDA Casting Awards have been announced, and while you may not know them, you'll definitely know their work.

Back in January, we chatted to Mark Gatiss and Vanessa Kirby about why there’s no Oscar for casting, when casting makes up so much of a film, music video, advert or production. Well, cut to 8th May 2018 and the Casting Directors’ Association has announced the winners of its 2018 CDA Casting Awards. Amongst the winners you’ll find those responsible for some of the last year’s most inspirational adverts, heartbreaking music videos, double take commercials and astounding short films. While we rarely think about those off-camera, let’s take a moment to celebrate the people with an eye for spotting a star.

Here’s the full list of winners…

Best Casting of an International Commercial

Leanne Flinn for Berlei “Womankind”

Best Casting of a UK Commercial

Anna Stark for Levi Jeans “Levis Circle”

Best Casting of an Online Commercial

Emma Ashton for Edeka “Eatkarus”

Best Street Casting of a Commercial

Leanne Flinn for Sport England “This Girl Can, Phenomenal Women”

Best Casting of a Short Film

Sue Odell for “His Wake”

Best Casting of a Music Video

ET Casting for Tom Walker “Heartland”

Best Casting of Stills

Sue Odell for Barnardos “Believe in Me”


The Casting Directors Association held its second annual award Celebrating the Art of Casting in May 2018.